WEB Touch

Web Touch Story

The usability of web space is great, but if you would like to browse and examine content of WEB easy and simple with touch of finger or you’re so lazy and have touch screen device this is what you need to try. It’s quite experimental application and designed for users of online services such as Youtube, Flickr and Picasa.

Web Touch Start

Application named “WEB Touch” currently supports 3 popular online services to work with video or photos; you can navigate desired content by simple clicking and dragging. General Support of kinematic scrolling is implemented and also touch screen keyboard support is added.

Web Touch

Keyboard is delivered and powered by FPS Components: FPS Virtual Keyboard, to see how it can be used in real application. Just press on search box and keyboard will appear. It has some of languages predefined if you would like to add other languages you need to download and install FPS Input Controls and try our FPS Keyboard creator tool to make own languages or layouts.

If you have any comments, suggestions on "FPS WEB Touch" do not hesistate to contact us via email: support @ fpscomponents.com Please remove spaces from the email address.

Download Virtual Keyboard

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