Virtual Keyboard for Silverlight

On-Screen Virtual Keyboard with customizable layouts and languages, a number of predefined themes.

Many applications need support of inbuilt keyboard. Usually these kinds of applications are done for touch screen terminals such as POS, but it is not restricted, and can be used by any desktop based application that is going to be developed with Silverlight technology. Silverlight onscreen keyboard represents itself as a virtual keyboard that should meet Silverilght developers’ needs in order to use inbuild keyboard support in their applications. Silverlight virtual keyboard looks very unique component on the market so far.

Silverlight Touch Screen Keyboard control similar way as Windows embedded screen keyboard(OSK), so it enables users to input text into current active (focused) window. Also it can work as an inbuilt User Control inside any application.

virtual keyboard

The most advanced thing is the layout manager that is supplied in the product package named “FPS Keyboard Creator”. By this tool users can create custom layouts and fill in languages they have in their own system. We have added some of languages into the package so it can be loaded by FPS Keyboard Creator or directly inside the virtual keyboard control.

virtual keyboard

By downloading Silverlight Keyboard Installer you can find samples that show all keyboard features such as a simple example of how to use the product, custom theme support sample.

Product Screenshots (Click to enlarge)

Key Features

Mimic Desktop Keyboard
Virtual Keyvoard mimics hardware keyboard.
Keyboard Creator and Layouts
Additional supplied software gives a lot of featues such as creation of different layouts for different languages. Default layouts are predefined

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Virtual Keyboard for Silverlight
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