ToolBar for Silverlight

Silverlight Toolbar include are pre-defined styles for buttons, textbox and separators.

The FPS Component’s Silverlight Toolbar is a toolbar that can be dynamically shown or hidden in certain contexts. It also supports Horizontal or Vertical orientation, giving you extra flexibility when creating your application. It has a large range of features designed to give your applications a good-looking interface while minimizing development costs.

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Key Features

Docking and Orientation
Toolbar can have vertical or horizontal orientation which gives more usage patterns to this component. Also it can be docked to any of size of parent control or window
Container Component
Toolbar component itself is a container that changes size dynamically depending on content, that can be quite different such as buttons, checkboxes
8 Predefined Themes
8 Predefined themes are available:
  • Classic
  • iStyle (MAC based)
  • Office Black
  • Office Blue
  • Office Silver
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows Seven
  • Gold Cherry
New themes will be available in future versions of the product.
IDE Support
Visual Studio 2010 and Expression Studio Supported

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ToolBar for Silverlight
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