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Silverlight Component Pack, 12 Controls with themes available. Get few unique controls in the market : Pie Menu, Virtual Keyboard.

The Silverlight Components Pack includes a number of components and themes, as well as a few unique Silverlight controls – the Pie Menu, a fully customized dynamic menu control, and the Virtual Touch Screen Keyboard with customizable layouts and languages and a number of predefined themes. To check if you need the Silverlight Components Pack before buying try live demos of the product or download and install free samples on your computer.

We also provide consulting services, if you need to create a custom app using these components or add any special features in the original product, and design services, if you want to add custom logotypes or icons.

FPS Components presents this Silverlight control toolkit for your evaluation. Please give us your feedback.

silverlight pack

Licensing & Pricing

SKU Limitation Source Code Price
Trial Expires after 30 days No Free!
Developer License None! No $599 USD
Site License None! No $2499 USD
Enterprise License None! No $4499 USD
Blueprint License None! Yes! $6999 USD
Developer License (Premium) None! No $799 USD
Site License (Premium) None! No $3499 USD
Enterprise License (Premium) None! No $5999 USD
Blueprint License (Premium) None! Yes! $7499 USD

Key Features

12 Supplied Controls
Controls supplied : Autocompletebox, Pie Menu, Toolbar, Menu Bar, Fish Eye Menu, Numeric Up-Down, Color Picker, Masked TextBox, Time Picker, Virtual Keyboard, Barcode, Carousel Controls
8 Predefined Themes
8 Predefined themes are available:
  • Classic
  • iStyle (MAC based)
  • Office Black
  • Office Blue
  • Office Silver
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows Seven
  • Gold Cherry
New themes will be available in future versions of the product.
Base controls themes
Base controls : Combobox, Listbox, Button, ScrollViewer, ScrollBar, RadioButton, Checkbox supplied within our themes
IDE Support
Visual Studio 2010 and Expression Studio Supported

Attached Products

  • Virtual Keyboard for Silverlight

    On-Screen Virtual Keyboard with customizable layouts and languages, a number of predefined themes.
  • ToolBar for Silverlight

    Silverlight Toolbar include are pre-defined styles for buttons, textbox and separators.
  • Menu Bar for Silverlight

    The MenuBar in Silverlight include are pre-defined styles for buttons, textbox and separators.
  • Fish Eye Menu for Silverlight

    The FPS Components’ Fish Eye Menu is a fully customized animated menu control. Fish Eye Menu reflects most functions of the traditional menu as animated swing objects, where all objects can have some actions.
  • Time Picker for Silverlight

    Silverlight Time Picker Control was built to satisfy some of customer needs in fully customizable time control. This control is fully customizable in terms of user interface.
  • Pie Menu for Silverlight

    Pie Menu for Silverlight is a unique fully customized dynamical menu control. Pie menu was built to meet the needs of developers who are looking for components for their applications.
  • AutoComplete Box for Silverlight

    Silverlight AutoComplete Box is a control that enhances users data entry by validating data at the time of entry, facilitating data input of formatted values. All basic text editing features are supported.
  • Barcode for Silverlight

    Barcode control for Silverlight was built with the 15 Common Symbologies Supported: EAN-13, EAN-8, UPC-A, ITF14, Postnet, Code39, Code39 Extended, Code93, Code93 Extended, Code128 (Auto, A,B,C), Interleaved 2 of 5, Standard 2 of 5.
  • NumericUpDown for Silverlight

    Value formatted numeric control with up-down control feature. Formats supported: numeric, percentage and currency.
  • Masked TextBox for Silverlight

    Masked TextBox is has the full functionality of TextBox via adding input validation and masks, such as letters, date, percents, money, digits, IP Address, SSN, phone number and decimals. Everytime when users start inputting any numbers or symbols
  • Color Picker for Silverlight

    Pick a color from industry standard color picker component. Ability to choose from predefined color palette or RGBA color space.
  • Carousel for Silverlight

    Trully expandable and customizable Silverlight Carousel control, ability to create video and picture based slideshows or coverflows

Additional Services

Custom Development
We can provide consulting services regarding these WPF components to develop custom applications using them. Please fill this Form in order to allow us to evaluate your request.
Component Development
If you have any specific requirements to add to these components, please fill this Form in order to allow us to evaluate your request.
Design Services
If you need any custom logotypes or icons to be designed as a part of the supplied product, or to be something separate from this product, we can provide both or any of Vector and Raster formats you aquire. Please fill this Form in order to give us an ability to evaluate your request.

Release Notes

  • Q1.2011
    Initial version with 12 Silverlight components supplied, sample browser, samples source code and full Reference documentation.
FPS Silverlight Pack
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