FPS Components Licensing Policy

This page contains details about all products that are presented on this website, including pricing, licensing, trial period and support.

Pricing for all components can be found at Order Online page. Also each product details page has actual pricing information.

Trial Period

By signing in into our website you can download trial (evaluation) copies of all our products, which you can evaluate for a period of 21 days following the installation. Following this period, the product(s) must be removed or purchased and activated by entering serial number, which will be delivered to you by email. Certain products such as icon packs contain only watermarked snapshots and not the actual icons that are included in the pack. These provide a preview of what the user will receive after purchasing them.

Licensing Information

Each developer seat that works with our components requires a license whether for direct or indirect work. This means that each developer on a project that uses the component requires an individual license.

For instance, two developers are working on a project where one is working directly with our components while the other is not. Both developers are required to have licenses in order to work with the project. There is no time limit or application limit for a licensed developer; however the licenses cannot be transferred to another developer.

License Type Description
Developer license A single developer license grants a developer the right to use the purchased components in development and product without any limit on the number of applications.
Site license Grants licenses to all developers at a single physical location within an organization.
Enterprise license Grants licenses to all developers within organization, regardless of location.
Blueprint license Grants licenses to all developers within organization, regardless of location. Includes full product source code.

All components we supply have licenses that include one year of free upgrades to any major/minor new versions that are released within that period. Licenses can be renewed annually to continue receiving the free upgrade benefits. License renewals must be purchased within 30 days of the expiration of the previous license. If the license is not renewed in this period (12 months plus 30 days of initial purchase), a full developer license must be purchased the next time the developer wishes to obtain a product update/upgrade.

Licensing Period

1 Year Subscription Lifetime Subscription
By default all of the licenses are eligible for 1 year of free updates on license purcahsed. This assures your license to don't expire forever, so you will be able to download any updates.

EULA (End-User License Agreement)

Each product contains a full End-User License Agreement (EULA) included with the evaluation version and full version of installation packages.

Upgrade Policy

We welcome your feedback concerning the use our components, including any technical issues encountered. This feedback will be used to develop updates and upgrades for the products in question. Generally all our product licenses include one year of support and access to all minor and major product updates/releases.

Feel free to contact our Sales Managers regarding our products as well as custom development or consulting services.