Licx Licensing file issue

This Knowledge base post is about Visual Studio and 3rd party component Licensing Issue. When developers are working with Visual Studio and some 3rd party licensed software mysterious file named licenses.licx appears.

This file is used by Visual Studio quite frequently for license checking. For example, in design time Visual Studio makes notes about every licensed component that is being used in the project. Licenses.licx is a file inside your project and it is located in Properties folder. If you open it, you can see the following content (in case of using our Virtual Keyboard component) 

FPS.VirtualKeyboard.VirtualKeyboard, FPS.VirtualKeyboard, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=c2d2b15f7607898c

However, the issue is that not only in our case and especially with Visual Studio 2010 there is frequently an error coming after trying to build project with just added component on Window or User Control design surface.  Please, have a look at a screenshot above which tells you about LC.exe that was exited with a strange error. Visual Studio uses this LC.exe in order to embed license file into executable resources, so if there are no errors, it works fine. However, there are many cases, such as upgrading to new version of component or a combination of components that gives an error that can be similar to the one we have shown on a screenshot. 

Here we define a simple way to remove this error, simply right mouse click on licenses.licx in Solution Explorer and press Exclude from Solution option in a context menu. Afterwards Rebuild the solution and the error should disappear.   

Hope this helps our customers and .NET developers that use 3rd party components in terms of such issues with licensing. 

licenses.licx error