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Component Development Services

New feature requests for FPS Components’ products are received daily. However, due to resource limitations, the requests must be prioritized in terms of the greatest amount of value to the products in question based on the most common requirements from our users.

A customer may require a custom feature that has limited demand. Its implementation will therefore have a lower priority. In this case the customer has an opportunity to take advantage of FPS Components’ consulting services, where they can pay to have their features implemented immediately. When a customer requests a feature implementation via the consulting service, it is given top priority and takes precedence over maintenance or bug fixes. It is important to note that FPS Components will own all rights for these features, which will also be made available to all customers of the product in question.

All of the work undertaken as part of the consulting service is backed by an excellent track record of customer satisfaction. To take advantage of this service to request a feature, please fill out the form below for a quote.

The current fee for this service is $75.00 per hour.

Software Development Services

If a customer requires custom software that integrates FPS Components’ products or technologies, software development services are available. Fill out the form below for a quote. The current fee for this service is $50.00 per hour.

Design Services Overview

FPS Components’ designers can develop custom products exclusively for a customer. These will be based on the ICON packs. Requests can be made for the addition of extra icons to an existing pack. For a quote, please fill out the form below. The fee for this service is $35.00 per hour. Our current design service rate is US $35.00 per hour.

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