FPS Components presents an updated version of Virtual Keyboard 2.1.0.
This time we have made some changes, mostly they are related to new functionalities.

Here is a list of updates: 
  • We manually checked and added more than 100 most common and most used global languages and dialects such as: English (EN), Spanish (ES), German (DE), Danish (DA), French (FR), Arabic (AR), Catalan (CA), Belorussian (BE), Bulgarian (BG), Bengal (India)(BN), Bosnian (BS), Czech (CS), Welsh (CY), Greek (EL), Estonian (ET), Euskaldurak (EU), Finish (FI), Frisian (Fi), Hebrew (HE), Hindi (HI), Croatian (HR), Hungarian (HU), Armenian (HY), Indonesian (IN), Icelandic (IS), Italian (IT), Inuktitut (IU), Georgian (KA), Greenlandic (Kalaallisut )(KA), Luxembourg (LB), Lithuanian (LT), Latvian (LV), Macedonian (MK), Maltese (ML), Malayalam (MY), Nepali (NE), Dutch(NL), Norwegian (NO), Pashto (PA), Polish (PL), Portuguese (PT), Romanian (RO), Russian (RU), Slovak (SK), Slovenian (SL), Sami lul (SM), Albanian (SQ), Serbian (SR), Sweden (SV),Thai (TH), Turkish (TR), Ukrainian (UA), Vietnamese (VI), and other.
  • In order to select the language you need, you may click and choose some from the list. After that keys of language layouts which incorporated the standard keyboard layout that is typical for Microsoft keyboard automatically appear on the keyboard. This is all made possible by manual set of languages/dialects and support of symbolic alphabets.
  • At the request of our users we have added a feature CanUnlockSpecialKey which should be used if you wish/want to have keyboard keep special control state pressed after some combinations, like Alt, Shift, Ctrl. That gives the possibility to use the hidden characters on your keyboard to change the language, or write letters in capital or small letters.
  • In the revised version a detailed technical and functional description was also added. HowToUse.pdf file gives the answers to frequently asked Questions.
  • All this is combined with the best and broadest capabilities settings, constant updates, ease of use and service support tied for first place the FPS Virtual Keyboard.

What do you receive: Buying any license of FPS Virtual Keyboard for WPF, you can use it with no royalties in any of your applications. All major and minor updates and fixes for one year are guaranteed. We are always glad to hear what people say about our products, and we would like to provide you with desired updates in a short period of time.

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