FPS Virtual Keyboard for WPF v.2.0.0 is now available for public to download and evaluate.
First of all I would like to thank all users for feedbacks. This gives us more strength to move further and release new versions for you.

Here is a list of updates: 


  • For better user experience FPS Input Controls now changed to FPS Virtual Keyboard
  • X64 platform support: In this release we delivered version that is not targeted to any of platforms, so it can be used in your projects with ANY CPU or particular architecture
  • FPS.VirtualKeyboard Creator Tool comes on a new level. We added Zoom features, Snap lines for better positioning of keys Drag and drop from top toolbar, bottom menu: Copy, Paste and Delete, multiple Keys selections and manipulation and other
  • A key setup was changed, now you only need to give a single character. There is a possibility to give it a different visual name: try to setup Content on right side of VirtualKeyboard Creator
  • Repetition is for adding the same multiple keys within 1 button, for example www
  • Alt, AltGr, Control, Shift Locking property can be used if you want to setup something like ALT + 2, and result will be output of @ symbol, which can be done with one key
  • Improved examples for Visual Studio 2008, 2010 with the ability to see custom style, custom layout with special buttons like: Clear, www.,
  • New property Default Layout is used to setup default layout for all languages, however every language has different keys on different places, we recommend being careful with this feature
  • IMPORTANT: old XML layout files from version 1.3.1(formerly from FPS Input Controls) won't be loaded by this version as format was slightly changed.

What do you receive: Buying any license of FPS Virtual Keyboard for WPF, you can use it with no royalties in any of your applications. All major and minor updates and fixes for one year are guaranteed. We are always glad to hear what people say about our products, and we would like to provide you with desired updates in a short period of time.

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