FPS Silverlight Pack

FPS ?omponents represents brand new product - FPS Silverlight Pack

FPS Silverlight Pack is made for customers with high level of needs and requirements on building profesional line of business Silverlight applications.

The Silverlight pack includes 12 UI controls built on a silverlight platform: Pie Menu, Toolbar, Menu Bar, Fish Eye Menu, Numeric Up- Down, Auto Complete Box, Colour Picker, Masked Text Box, Time Picker, Virtual Keyboard, Barcode, and Carousel.

All of this products have next features:

  • Full featured Menu controls, multi language Virtual Keyboard, unique interactive Pie Menu and so much more
  • Powerful capabilities that will radically improve your RIA development
  • 8 themes available for now: Classic, iStyle (MAC based), Office Black, Office Blue, Office Silver, Windows Vista, Windows Seven, Gold Cherry, New themes will be available in future versions of the product.
  • Unique line-of-business Silverlight controls you cannot find anywhere else
  • The Silverlight controls offer a clean and intuitive API, Expression Blend support, Visual Studio 2010 support
  • Blueprint license are also available*
  • Specially developed Premium support, and premium licenses for every FPS Silverlight Pack license
  • Download fully functional trial version to try it in your project
  • And the most important is after purchase components are royalty-free. Use them in all your applications!
  • We encourage you to simplify your lives, save time and money to buy a unique and proven component. You may try free demo version during 30 days of trial period.


FPS Virtual Keyboard for WPF and Source code

Per customer requests we're now proposing Blueprint license, this means full product Source code can be purchased.

Blueprint license itself is same Enterpise license that has also access to source code, you can modify it in a way you want to use in your applications. You are not allowed only to sell source code or distribute to 3rd parties, or build and sell is as component.