A touch screen performs two functions – it is a computer display screen and an input device simultaneously. Touch screens respond to pressure, so a user interacts with a device by means of touching keys on a touch screen. Touch screens have become very common over the past few years, as the prices on them have decreased steadily. Touch screens have been widely used in preference to keyboard and mouse systems, since in some environments the latter often do not supply an efficient interaction between a user and the content on the screen.

A dual touchscreen is computer display setup consisting of two screens, and either or both of them can be touch-capable. As a rule, one screen of the dual touchscreen displays elements and functions, which are in use most frequently, and the other displays those user interface elements that are accessed the least.

OnScreen Virtual Keyboard supports several features designed to make the process of typing on a touch screen extremely comfortable. Our touch screen keyboard for PC is a Windows touch screen keyboard with a number of predefined settings and two keyboard layouts – alphabetic and alpha-numeric. These changes will make the experience of using Hot Virtual Keyboard on touch screen devices even more convenient.

The alphabetic layout enables you to use all languages installed in your system. When the input language of your system is changed, the language of the touch screen software for PC is also changed.

Using the alpha-numeric keyboard type, you can type numbers and 35 other characters, including arithmetic signs, punctuation marks, special symbols etc.

An Overview of Version 4.1.0

FPS Virtual Keyboard 4.1.0 introduces some performance and rendering improvements. The functions of key sending have been changed, Control, Shift, Alt Alt Gr lock properties have been removed. The key creation and the key sending strategy have been changed in the latest version. Now for Send @ you don’t need set Shift Key Lock for “2” key, you only need set In Content Property “@” (the previous approach is still supported). Keyboard Creator bugs (“Run Test” crash) have been fixed and some changes have been made in the key creation strategy. All minor layout bugs and tweaks have been fixed.