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FPS Components comes closer and closer to their clients, we ready to help them in any time when they really need. we spend on it every time more and more time trying to satisfy most of costumer needs. We take note of every voice or comments every time when starting new products or projects which goes on market.No any excuses this time also, we take decision of uniting couple of Icon packs in one Mega Icon Pack. It's great deal with great future.

What costumers gets after this is:

  • FPS Road Signs Pack,
  • FPS Food Icons Pack,
  • FPS Flags Pack
  • FPS Icons Pack
  • More than 700 Professionally designed icons 256x128 pixels, 32-bit alpha-blended PNG 128x64 pixels, 32-bit alpha-blended PNG 64x32 pixels, 32-bit alpha-blended PNG
  • Upon purchase this product will be supported with bug fixes, minor and major updates for 12 months
  • XAML version of all icons is also supplied, it works under Silverlight and WPF, under .net 3.0 and 3.5
  • Royalty-free. Use them in all your applications!
  • P.S. Do not delay, do it today! We offering to you this unique discount only in August. Next month you will have to pay a full price.