New version of FPS Input Controls for WPF is now available for public to download and evaluate.

Per number of requests, we have reworked this product and implemented few important features. These are:

1) Additional tool has been added into the product package. Now your own layouts and languages can be added with a simple drag-drop operations and can be saved into XML files.

2) Custom themes support added an example of how to create users’ own themes.

3) The ability to switch current language of windows system by new keyboard function.

4) Some minor fixes provided

5) Standalone freeware application, that can be used by anyone for free, it shows ability to use our Keyboard Component in touchscreen or desktop application. Read more here : Web Touch



What do you receive: Buying any license of FPS Input Controls for WPF, you can use it with no royalties in any of your applications. All major and minor updates and fixes for one year are guaranteed. It might be: adding new Language layouts, skins/themes, adding new features and bug fixing if any. We are always glad to hear what people say about our products, and we would like to provide you with desired updates in a short period of time.

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