Hello, Friends!

This is just a small post due to switch to more human read format. As you might have already noticed our website link-name structure has been changed.

Due to the following pages URLs: product links, downloads links, blog and KB posts links are now different. I hope you find it fun and more readable so you can now use http://fpscomponents.com/Products/WPF/maps.aspx, but the old way of using links is still working.

Note. To those who are waiting for the release of FPS Input Controls: we are in a testing process of new version and should deliver it tomorrow. IMPORTANT: we decided to change product name in terms of usability and user experience, FPS Input Controls will be renamed to FPS Virtual Keyboard. This was quite obvious step to do and we would be glad to hear any comments from you on this matter.

All the best, Oleh Mykhaylovych, CEO at FPS Components.

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