FPS Input Controls for WPF v.1.3.1 is now available for public to download and evaluate.
First of all I would like to thank all users for feedbacks. This gives us more strength to move further and release new versions for you. This is a minor version change but major update in terms of usability and fixes!

Here is a list of updates: 


  • Layouts folder is not needed now for detault layouts, Any language that is located at user Windows instalation will be recognized and TouchScreenKeyboard will react on language switch at a runtime.
  • FPS.Keyboard Creator Tool is much improved, as it generates any language with default (QUERTY) layout this operation can be done within two clicks of a mouse.
  • Additional properties to control what to show on the keyboard button: ShowUpperCase, ShowLowerCase and VirtualCode are now used instead of KeyCode and ShiftKeycode.
  • Due to a lot of requests we targeted all our libraries and samples to X86 platform, and we are working to release CPU independent version, as X64 doesn't work now, development in X64 platform is possible while using X86 targeting of your project.
  • Important Feature: if a user keeps pressed button, it will repeat keypressing, like any regular keyboard.
  • Added Visual Basic. NET samples
  • Added Visual Studio 2010 solution and samples.
  • Product installation includes documentation in a way "Howto" use TouchScreen Keyboard component. This is done with a common PDF files format providing many screenshots.

What do you receive: Buying any license of FPS Input Controls for WPF, you can use it with no royalties in any of your applications. All major and minor updates and fixes for one year are guaranteed. We are always glad to hear what people say about our products, and we would like to provide you with desired updates in a short period of time.

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