FPS Components,as it was mentioned before, is on the way to customer development model. This approach will give our customers exactly what they want and we will improve products while approving feedbacks.

FPS Components integrated customer feedback tool. To get it evaluated and used you just need to open FPS Components Website and press Leave Feedback button on left side of your browser window. This will bring you to popup windows with the ability to leave feedback, submit comment or report bug features.

"Oh, I saw it before" - you might say, but feedback tool we use has greater hidden power. Name of the tool is "Beta Easy" might tell what it does, however explanation is simple. Beta Easy is a tool to build user beta groups that will lead for better software production on early stages and excellent user experience.

If you ever need such kind of thing on your website or software (they propose integration of feedback tool inside desktop software which is awesome) please check Beta Easy Website. It is not a referral link, just friendly advice.

Our team would be glad to receive feedbacks, comments or bugs ;( on our software components or website.

All the best, Oleh Mykhaylovych, CEO at FPS Components.

FPS Components is a .net component vendor standing on customer development model. Please check our products at fpscomponents.com